Sephora Haul 12.17.14

I recently purchased a few of my favorite products as well as a few new ones from Sephora! A review will be coming very soon!


Okay, I am so excited to announce that I finally got my BLACK beauty blender! I have been obsessing over it for some weird reason. I guess I just don’t enjoy pink as much. I’m sure it works just as well as the pink one, which I would highly recommend to you all! Don’t worry about the color because the beauty blender will do your face more justice than any brush or knockoff sponge.

I also purchased the green, latex free DUO eyelash glue, which I have heard marvelous things about. I have only used the original DUO glue, so I am excited to try this one out since it is a different formula with a brush on applicator.

Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer is a product I have been using for awhile as a foundation base for oily skin. Obviously, since I bought more, it is a favorite of mine. I bought two mini sizes because I prefer those for traveling, versus the larger one. The minis are $18 each while the full size is $52 and holds three time the amount of product as the mini.

My Anastasia Brow Whiz a must, of course. However, I opted for medium ash instead of caramel because I feel it may compliment my hair and skin tone better. So, the review of this new color is soon to come.

I also received some awesome freebies! The Versace Yellow Diamond Perfume has refreshing floral notes, which I personally am not the biggest fan of when it comes to fragrances. The Glam Glow brightmud eye treatment is something I am looking forward to trying to brighten the eyes and rid of those lines and dark circles. The Dr Jart dis-a-pore beauty balm is meant to diminish pores and such, but if you refer to one of my previous posts, the Nip and Tuck Glycolic Serum has already done wonders as far as that problem. Finally, the Hourglass Illusion Skin Tint is an oil free cream you can throw on quickly as an alternative to full on foundation. I will be sure to post a review of all the great products from this haul so stay tuned!


Beauty Blender $19.90

Anastasia Bev Hills Brow Whiz $21

DUO eyelash glue
Hourglass primer


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