I recently went to Republique in West Hollywood for the first time and it is definitely a new favorite of mine. The interior atmoshphere is so gorgeous and antique style, with beautiful sky lights and amazing tile floors! 

  I ordered a Hong Kong Tea Latte that I really enjoyed. It was sweet, but not too sweet and definitely a unique drink you can’t find at any coffee shop. Republique makes all of their own ingredients, so you won’t find any over processed syrups here, thank goodness! As usual, I couldn’t resist something smothered in ricotta, so I opted for the ricotta, honey, and pistachio toast. This might sound like a simple dish, but it tasted so rich and fresh, perfect for a healthy breakfast that hits the spot! I honestly want to make this for my breakfast every morning because it such a great combination. The granola and yogurt was also really unique, with homemade “granola” which consisted of nuts and a nice crunchy mix to offset the smoothness of the yogurt. 

  Republique is a great option for breakfast or brunch on the go as well since they have a complete bakery that you can just order to go. They have so many delicious options that you’ll definitely want to go back again to try something new! 





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