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Public House 310 

 Public House is great for drinks after work or a casual date night. It’s nothing fancy, but has a unique vibe and a surplus of beer selections as well as house cocktails that are worth a try! We ordered a few dishes for the table and between the two of us, it was plenty! The fried cauliflower was the absolute best. It came with a side of bleu cheese and hot sauce, definitely making it feel like a healthier version of hot wings, just as tasty though. We also ordered the chorizo mac and cheese, which was filled with kale as well. I am not a huge kale fan and the cheese wasn’t as ooey-gooey as I would have liked, so I wouldn’t get this dish again. The calamari is a must because it is literally fried to perfection and comes with this yummy little dipping sauce that brings everything together. I’m not sure if I am the only one who appreciates more rings than tentacles in my calamari ratio, but if you are like me, you’ll love it! The appetizers range from $7-$10 each. The crushed velvet cocktail was $10 and delicious! It is made with fresh crushed blueberries and blackberries, mixed with vodka. It is super tasty, especially for those of you who don’t love that overwhelming alcohol taste. It’s sort of their version of a moscow mule, with hints of lavendar that make the drink really unique. Happy Hour “Recess” is from 4pm-7pm but only at the bar. You’ll definitely need a reservation if you come later in the evening, especially on weekends. This place is always crowded! They also have cute outdoor seating in the front, which is nice for those warmer evenings and sunny spring afternoons. 




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My Fave Sparkling Drinks

I’m a sucker for sparkling water so naturally,  I’m dying to share some of my favorite sparkling drink recipes with you! 


Rosemary Infused Strawberry
This is one of the most refreshing drinks, perfect for summer! Smash up some strawberries and mix the juice with sparkling water. Add fresh rosemary sprigs in for a fun twist. The earlier in advance you add your rosemary in, the more flavor infused your drink will be.


One of my favorite sparkling waters is Perrier. I consider myself a water connoisseur and I have found this to be the best sparkling out there! I mean I’d prefer a nice glass of water over a mixed drink any day (stay tuned for my water tasting adventures). My friends and family all call me crazy when it comes to my water preferences. I admit I am a bit extreme. Anyways, Perrier lemon adds more dimension to these fun recipes so it’s a must try!


Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade
Gotta love a sparkling lemonade! I love mixing Simply Lemonade or Hubert’s Lemonade with Perrier Lemon and fresh strawberry juice. Garnish with mint and fresh berry pieces for the perfect refreshment.

Whether it’s as simple as mixing sparkling water with cranberry juice or fresh squeezed OJ, or trying out one of these more intricate recipes, sparkling water is the best way to spritz up your summer!



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